Jul 4, 2014

Closing time and gone wordpress...

I have gone wordpress..... and I have been working quite hard  for the last couple of weeks to launch my new wordpress webpage today.
Since I have decided to combine webshop and blog on the same page, this blog will be "put to sleep".

I used to be a dedicated blogger-girl, but my dear husband who is a sworn wordpress man, convinced me to make the new webshop in wordpress. And I must admit, it´s quite easy to Work with when you get adjusted to the differences from working with blogger templates.

I have exported all older posts to the new blog, so you won´t miss the opportunity to browse old blog entries.

At the moment the webpage is primarily Danish, but products in the shop and blog entries is in both danisn and English. I am working on the English version.

Please follow me to:

May 23, 2014

New workshop....

I have just planned my next workshop. As some of you probably know, I´ve been having workshops here  in my miniatures shop at our Old Train Station. I have had quite a lot of request for marbleing tecnique.... so I thought I might better make a workshop.

As I´m located in the countryside in tiny Denmark, my pupils are Danish, but coming from all of the country though. I love to teach excited miniaturists, but the social part is great too. We usually laugh and talk  a lot, sometimes I even have to be the strict teacher and ask for some quit, to be able to explain my tecniques.

Jan 27, 2014

Miniature erotica....

I am working on some erotic themed miniatures. I have made some new oval frames with lovely vintage french ladies and two editions of old boxes with vintage photographs. A range of pillows is to be finished and more surprices will be revealed soon... Visit my Etsy shop to see details...

Jan 15, 2014

Time for a giveaway....

Ta daaaa...... Giveaway time!!!!

To get a chance of winning this nostalgic bell jar with bird on top, birds nest and 3 tiny robbins eggs, please like my GypsyBoudoirMiniatures Facebook page and make a comment on the giveaway post.
I will make the draw February the 15th.

Go to the facebook page here....

Jan 10, 2014

French chair...

Finished this french chair today and posted the picture on my facebook page. Before 10 minutes it was already sold.... Guess I´ll have to make another one...

Jan 9, 2014

Progress on the Mouse Mansion...

It has been quite a while, since I, ve been working on The Mouse Mansion. But the poor mice is in need of
a home, so I had to do something.
I startet working on the facade once again. I finished the plastering and made it dry for a day before I sanded
it to smoothen.
When coloring the plaster I use a very thin water diluted paint. I used 3 different tones for this finish.
A pale grey, a dark grey and a beige. It´is important to work wet in wet  to avoid lines in the toning.
I was in doubt whether to keep the house in the beige/grey tones and had to have a go with the shutters
before  I could deside. The window frames I painted with a mix of wallpaint and the plaster to get
a sanded effect.

Having looked at the house for a cpuple of days, I finally desided to give it an yellow tone on top.
I used an okker acrylic paint diluted with lots of water.
Think it´s much better with the yellow to the blue shutters.
Actually I gave the house two layers of the yellow. It´is now a warm sunny yellow color. First I have
painted the shutters in a blue color crackled on top of a Brown. But I found the blue was quite dark,
and I wanted a more greyish weathered look.
I then painted a light grey/blue colore on top but then lost the crackle effect. What to do?

Desperately I took the shutters to the kitchen sink and tried to wash away the lightblue paint. Rubbing easily
I ended up with this result, which I´m quite content with. The windows aren´t finished yet.
I don´t like the printed plastic and will make some new with wooden mullions.
I´m also going to make a small rusty balcony for each window. 

Nov 24, 2013

Fairy entrance....

Today my husband and I made a fairy entrance to my shop.

What could be more appropriate in a miniature shop than having a door for the little people. I imagine how they come late in the evening when the shop is closed, looking at all the miniature furnitures and tiny items just suited for fairy folks.

Hope they feel welcome....

Nov 23, 2013

It´s been a while...

I has been quite a while since I´ve posted here. Not that I haven´t been making miniatures, I have.... a lot actually. Since my last post I have quit my paid job as a child care taker, and are now entirely working with miniature making and selling.

The miniature drawer with vintage treasuries on the pictures above is my latest creation. It´s a One Of A Kind and already sold, but I will make a few more, same style but with different content.

Aug 31, 2013

The winner.....and second price winners....

A bit delayed sorry, but my birthday didn´t leave me time to do the draw on the date....

For the first time I tried to do the drawing with a number randomizer. First I had to count all your comments and a few of you had commented twice, so I had to go through the names, give a number for each of you and be aware that everybody had only one number/chance of participating. So first comment got a number, second comment was "deleted"....
Then I found the randomizer page and entered the number of participants. And made the virtual draw.

To bad I couldn´t manage to find out how to copy the randomizer pic as "legal documentation for at fair competition".... But I trust you to trust me to be an honest person... I AM!

And now for the winning number.....
Ta daaaaaa...... Numbeeeeeerrrrr.........17
The winner of the give-away is...... Catherine
Please Catherine, send me your address at gypsyboudoir@live.dk and I will send the gift for you!
And since I´m in a giving mood I have decided to give a Paris DIY kit for the follower before and after Catherine. Number 16 and 18 will also recieve a gift.
So please Genevieve and Emily Miller,
also send me your addresses.

Aug 21, 2013

As mentioned I planned to use coffee stirrers for the facade. Started out with this wondow piece. I use a brown base  acrylic paint.

Then I gave a crackle effect, left it to dry and painted white.... But.... I didn´t crackle as wished. And to be honest it was quite a job to cut all those stirrers.

I then dicided to use paint stirres instead for the rest of the house. Very easy to cut and glue and certainly works better with my lack of patience... and best of all I got the crackle effect I desired.

This is a close up of the porch floor. I gave it a diluted brownish wash. I aimed to go for a weathered larch look and had to give it a grey wash on top.

Finished the porch wall and floor, I got a bit troubled on how to fit the corners when working on the cladding..(is that the word for the wood facade) I´ve been on and off to what to do. Finally I decided on a probably cowardly decision....to go for a plastered facade on first floor. What do you think? Should I go for plastered for the rest of the house or try struggling with the wood cladding?